What is MSFC iQ?

M.S.F.C. iQ is a standalone group of independent, qualified saddle fitters with professional business ethics.


We are are independent of any one brand, and are all active saddle fitters – this being our primary profession. We are not saddle ‘sellers’ who can only advise on just one brand. Indeed we are happy to assess and adjust your own saddle when that is best for your horse and you.


We all carry the M.S.F.C. (Master Saddle Fitting Consultant) certificate and qualified with M.S.F.C International in Holland between 2013 and 2017. During this period the course was delivered and assessed by highly experienced Society of Master Saddlers City & Guilds trainers and assessors, active in their field.

Professional Code

As equine professionals we subscribe to a Code of Conduct. Many of our fitters are Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) Qualified Saddle Fitters, or members of that Society, and we align ourselves to their principles and code of conduct.

Objective Advice

Our work ethic is simple – ensuring horse welfare remains at the core of what we do. We work closely with other equine professionals to ensure clients get objective and correct advice. We believe saddle fitting and equine therapy are two very distinct professions and keeping the roles separate enables ongoing objectivity.

Part of your team

We work closely with saddle manufacturers, veterinarians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, trainers, biomechanics specialists, farriers – basically anyone who is part of your chosen team to ensure your horse and you are comfortable and able to progress in whatever activity you take part in. Our core belief is every horse deserves a saddle that fits

This website will give you contact information for your local independent M.S.F.C. qualified saddle fitter. Keep scrolling to find our profiles, and please do not hesitate to contact us

Saddle Fitters

Steph Bradley

Freedom SaddleryMSFC, SMS QSF
Covers: NW, Dubai, Ireland | Works with: Amerigo, Equippe, Utopia, Fairfax +

Nathalie Van de Voorde

Equidom SaddleryMSFC
Covers: Guadalest area, SE Spain | Works with: Bliss, Fairfax, Ereplus+

Zsuzsu Illes

ReBalance ExpertMSFC
Covers: Placerville, California & area | Works with: Frank Baines, Butterfly, DP Saddlery+

Georgie Webb

G&T SaddlesMSFC, QSF
Covers: Hereordshire & surrounds | Works with: Albion, Utopia, Pessoa+

Lindsey Cheffings

Cheffings EquineMSFC, QSF
Covers: Devon & Cornwall | Works with: Equippe, Amerigo, Ideal+

Tiffany Howard

European SaddlesMSFC
Covers: Ipswich, UK | Works with: Equippe, Amerigo, Prestige+

Helen Stone

Midland Saddle FitMSFC
Covers: Litchfield + 50miles | Works with: Equippe, Black Country, Ideal+

Lisa Theron

LT EquestrianMSFC
Covers: Southampton & surrounds. | Works with: Ideal, Equippe+

Anne Scott

Gammack's SaddleryMSFC, SMS QSF
Covers: Grampian area, Scotland | Works with: Ideal, Kent & Masters, Black Country+

Catherine Morris

Breathe Saddle FittingMSFC, SMS member
Covers: Northants & surrounds | Works with: Discovery, HM Saddles

Judith Richardson

Judith RichardsonMSFC
Covers: Nottinghamshire & surrounding counties | Works with: Fairfax, Ideal, Kent & Masters+

Sarah Rymer

North Yorkshire SaddlesMSFC, SMS QSF
Covers: North Yorkshire | Works with: Bliss, Albion, Black Country+

Nicola Barry

Covers: Melton Mowbray & area | Works with: Equippe+

Sally Power

Power SaddlesMSFC
Covers: Leeds & area | Works with: AH Saddles, Equippe, Whitaker+

MSFC Associates

Our group includes people who carry the MSFC certificate, but work in parallel fields such as research and development, or saddlery.

Trace Ward

Trace Ward is based in Scotland, and focuses on research & development, collaborating with academics and engineers based in Edinburgh


This badge indicates membership of the British Equestrian Trade Association. Please visit their membership directory for more information on membership categories


This badge indicates completion of the MSFC course, and assessments


This badge indicates membership of the Society of Master Saddlers. Please visit their membership directory for more information on membership categories